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What steps do technology firms need to take to ensure compliance with the GDPR when it comes into effect?

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  • Fry at AMEE 2016

    Fry was presenting all of its new developments in e assessment and e portfolios at the AMEE conference 2016. There is an evident thirst for flexible and modern systems that can cope with the rigorous and ever changing world of medical training and assessment.

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  • The most dangerous word in the English language

    Let me tell you how I grew a beard over the course of two weeks. It really wasn’t hard and it just took one little word that I’ve told myself every morning in the mirror: “later.” The only thing is, “later” never came around. Instead, every morning, I kept fooling myself that I’ll just do it later. I still have time, it doesn’t look that bad so I’ll just do it later. It became sort of a mantra and this magical “later” became a wonderland where things would eventually get done. I never really had the time to visit wonderland and see how crowded it really had become.

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