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Our story so far

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Where we came from

In 2000, our founders (both academics at Imperial College, at the time) decided to setup a software business in London just as the dot com bubble was crashing all around the world. The timing wasn't the only unconventional thing about Fry: Zahid was particularly inspired by reading "Maverick!" by Ricardo Semler. While we haven't got to the stage of our team setting their own salaries (yet!) we believe in giving everyone great freedom to choose what they think will work best. This includes when they work, where they work, their holiday entitlement and how they divide their profit share among themselves. We believe this is the way all organisations should run. 

Our mission


Our products are used by: medical research and medical training organisations, such as Oxford University,  Imperial College, the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health and the Royal College of General Practitioners.  Advancing the frontiers of medical knowledge around the globe and providing tools to ensure that the next generation of medical professionals are of the highest standards possible.

Our team

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Meet the team