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The last website you will ever need ever evolving content management system that gives you control

Why Haiku?


Speedy set up

Phew....the hard work has already been done

New sites can be created in minutes complete with your institutions compliance and branding baked in, allowing you to focus on powerful content rather than techno-babble

Drag and drop

Intuitive System and Beautiful Design

Attractive and Smart.....its the whole package

Haiku's elegant interface has been created with simplicity in mind so that working with content is a joy for non-technical editors.  Built-in theming allows you to choose an eye catching design with just one click.


Empower your users

Share the workload...but don’t lose control

Self editable staff profiles and flexible permission schemes allow you to delegate editing responsibilities as granularly as required.

Save time

Save Precious Time

Because work is hard and time is short

Our 'input once' philosophy allows your site to use filtered feeds, share other sites content and use automated publication management to reduce the overhead of content population within your site.


Capability that evolves with you

Always stay one step ahead

Haiku Evolution ongoing maintenance ensures that new features, enhancements and design improvements are constantly added to the system, so your site never becomes old and tired


Cross site Content

Sharing is caring after all

Haiku allows you to share content and profiles with other sites across the platform. It will even have the same same design as your own magic

Nothing is lost

Fully Automated Cloud Infrastructure

We take of the nuts and bolts

Fully managed cloud based infrastructure which is safe, secure and compliant.


Responsiveness Built In

Because size matters

Haiku's technology is mobile first which means that every change you make is immediately responsive allowing your users to take it with them on the go.

See how many of our features are on your checklist

Automatic Publication Management

We know that managing publications is very time consuming.  Haiku takes all that pain away for you as it integrates with publication databases such as Symplectic to automatically pull all your researchers publications and metadata into your website. Allowing you to automatically display them on throughout your site, for example; profiles, research groups, and your main publications section.


Ready to populate templates

Technology and design is taken care of for you within Haiku, allowing you to concentrate on content, and content is king.  Ready formulated templates for the standard sections of your websites help you get started and present your content in a web friendly way. These section include; Homepage, Brochure Page, News section, Events Section, Research, Our Team Section, Publications, Study with us and Profiles.


Drag and drop it

In addition to the Haiku templates, our drag and drop system allows you to create your own page layouts and templates with no web or HTML skills required, just simply drag and drop.  A simple to use tool which produces very powerful results. 

Cover pages

Social Media

Promoting your establishment and research through the use of social media is critical to achieving a wide audience reach.  Haiku provides you with tools to apply social media where required across your site, with likes, shares and feeds.  Interact with your audience and see what interests them.

Social media

Aftercare is not an Afterthought

When your site launches, we have everything in hand.  Your hosting is fully managed through an on or offsite secure cloud.  Our dedicated help team are always available to assist with queries that you have with how to use Haiku, or to squash any bugs that you encounter.


You don't stand still

Haiku Evolution encapsulates the continuous improvement that we bake into your ongoing haiku service, which you also feed into.  Our cloud based SaaS approach means that we continuously deploy improvements, enhancements and new features into Haiku automatically without you ever needing to upgrade.  You will never need to invest in a new site again.


Single Sign-on Integration

Haiku easily integrates with your single sign-on system so that users only ever have to sign in once.

Branding and Theming

Your institutions branding guidelines and compliances will be built into haiku, along with a fresh design theme.  Once that is in place new themes can be created with alternative colours, fonts etc at the click of a button

Easy Integration into Other Services

Open standards and APIs ensure that Haiku integrates with your institutions systems such as job feeds and student record systems.

User and Site Management

Managing your site with Haiku is a joy: adding users, setting permissions and changing site settings is straight forward and swift to complete

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Learn how Oxford University use Haiku to power over 40 websites and 4000 users

Read the case study

It is without a doubt that the Haiku system will serve the Division well in its strategic communication will be a piece of cake with such a super system and excellent support team

Medical Sciences Division. Oxford University