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Helping you achieve excellence workplace based assessment e portfolio supporting healthcare professionals

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RCPCHFIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Why Kaizen?


Fulfil Trainee Potential
Get the best out of  a trainee’s learning with regular and continual feedback helping the trainee and their supervisor quickly identify areas for development


Anytime, anywhere, any device
Record & track learning and development all in one place, on and offline Instant access to Kaizen ePortfolio -  no signal required!


You are in control
Customise your curriculum and create roles and permissions at the click of a button. Reduce running costs -  No need for development fees for any changes you want to make yourself


Easy to switch
we’ll migrate you from you old system and import all historical data and forms over night and adapt to your college or organisation, incorporating your branding and corporate identity

Safe and secure

Safe and secure
All connections between devices and the cloud are encrypted

Nothing is lost

Future proof your organisation
Comprehensive document and form versioning and tracking functionality allowing you to keep up with GMC and other regulatory updates


Reflect and improve
Analysis of big data to help identify good practice & learn to quickly identify areas for development for trainees with early warning indicators

Save time

Save time and deliver more
Simple reporting for supervisor  with autofill functionality that allows more time for qualitative feedback

See how many of our features are on your checklist

Workplace based assessments

You can complete workplace based assessment from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer even when offline. Capturing their feedback in the moment, improves the quality and reliability of the feedback, improving assessments, and helping trainees improve.

Workplace based assessments

Quick recording of evidence from mobile devices

Mobile-first design allows quick recording of key information whilst on the move and when offline (no signal). Later you can convert the draft into an assessment, log, form, or other type of event, and upload photos, videos, or other documents, and publish it to your timeline.

Quick record

Full ARCP workflow

The supervisor receives a notification when the supervisor's report for ARCP is due. When completed the form is automatically queued for review by the ARCP panel, who complete the ARCP outcomes from as the next part of the workflow. It could then be returned direct to the trainee's timeline, or go for review and sign-off by the administrators.

ARCP Workflow

Configurable roles and permissions

Roles can be created and assigned fine-grained access permissions to users and their timelines. Roles can be dependent on a relation, such as location, training-program, or given user. This means roles are relative to the two users in question, for example a college tutor might have access to the timelines of all trainees at the same location, a supervisor to the trainees they supervise, or a LETB administrator to trainees in their LETB.

Roles and permissions

Comprehensive form editor

The form editor is designed to cope with the full range of forms used in trainee workplace based assessment, logs, ARCP review, and all aspects of university use, foundation training, speciality training and revalidation. Dependent questions allow the path through the created form to vary according to the answers given.

Form editor

Dashboard with configurable widgets to display summary of progress

Track  progress against training-program goals and personal goals allows a trainee to easily see their progress, and what they need to do.


Timeline presentation of progress

A timeline view makes it easy to see everything in one place, and all the different types of forms, assessments, logs, certificates, and other events form a continuous record of training. The search functionality makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for, or filter to only see only the particular type of event you want.

User management

Users can be easily created (individually or in batches) and assigned roles as appropriate. You can create organisation specific fields in the user-profile for managing non-changing user information, for example date-of-birth, primary medical degree etc.

Document library with links to events and curriculum

Documents of all types can be uploaded and attached to forms, logs, assessments, and other event types in the timeline. Documents can be tagged using blueprints for thinks like the curriculum areas the cover, and Documents can searched by tags such as date uploaded, event attached to, type of document. 

Fully functioned reporting system

The report system allows the creation of report templates, specifying fields from user-profile, events, and blueprints for filtering, output, ordering etc.