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Practique delivers clinical and practical skills exams osce ospe as well as written exams mcqs saqs vsaqs sbas

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Why Practique?

Instant results

Instant results
Your results straight away wherever you are

Marks are collated instantly which allows immediate standard setting & all stats are generated automatically so analysis can be carried out in a fraction of the time.


To err is human that’s why we automated it

Incomplete marks are a thing of the past, zero-chance of transcription or transfer error & no scanning errors

Save time

Free up your time
Practique does the leg work for you

Practique's intuitive workflow speeds through the whole exam management lifecycle. No more questions via email or collecting paper and reports for examination committees.

Save the planet

Save money and the planet!
no more paper, easy admin

No paper means saving on printing special forms, distribution, collection and scanning costs

Nothing is lost

Nothing gets lost
Results are important Practique keeps them safe

All questions, marks, reports, historical performance are in one place. High-stakes exams like OSCE's are backed up to all ipads so there is no chance of losing any results


Report and analyse
Improve the quality of your assessments

All the most commonly used (and many not so commonly used) exam statistics are available at the touch of a button - it’s like having your own statistics department!


Integrate and interrogate
It's your data

Go deeper with database linking so that you can analyse and extract data for all historical and current exams stored in your own data repository

Safe and secure

Safe and secure
Peace of mind that your data is protected

Exams are encrypted, transfer between devices and server is encrypted & data is backed up in real-time to multiple servers and devices

See how many of our features are on your checklist


A flexible system that enables questions to be categorised against your curriculum or course modules; and domains of competence, skills, or learning outcomes. These categorisations can be used when generating reports too. Exam blueprints capture the distributions of questions/stations to be used when creating exam-papers or station-sets.


Question Bank

The question bank can be accessed from anywhere by authorised users to allow questioning authoring, editing and approval. Existing question banks to be imported easily, and allow any existing fields for question selection and reporting purposes. Questions can be sorted and filtered as needed, and question performance in previous exams can be examined. Practique currently supports Single-Best-Answer, Short-Answer-Questions, and OSCE/OSPE stations. All questions and materials are version controlled to help manage amendments and historical analysis.

Question bank

Exam Delivery

The exam can be pushed to the iPads from the server in a few minutes. The native-iPad app stores answers/marks locally as well as sending them to the server, allowing the exam to continue whether all the devices are online or not. Marks and exam standards can be monitored from the server in real-time.

Exam delivery


Single-Best-Answer can be marked automatically, and Practique provides innovative per-question marking for Short-Answer-Questions, which allows alternative answers to be automatically marked, then reviewed and unexpected alternatives accepted or rejected allowing hundreds of answers to be marked in a few seconds.


Standard Setting

Results are processed using Angoff, Borderline Group, or Borderline Regression standard setting with the Standard-Error-of-Measurement used to generate a  single-sided confidence interval where the level of confidence is adjustable.

Standard setting


We have incorporated several standard reports into Practique for candidate feedback, candidate history, examiner consistency, examiner history, question/station performance (classical and IRT2), and exam analysis. We are adding to the reports all the time, and are happy to add customised options. The data is also available via CSV export, or an ODBS link for use in reporting tools like SPSS, Crystal, or Excel.


Exam Papers

Sets of questions for written exams, or sets of stations for OSCE/OSPE can be generated from exam-blueprints automatically (randomly selecting questions from the question-bank to meet the requirements). This can be used with curriculum-mapping tools to select questions that are distributed according to the part of the curriculum that has been taught so far.

Exam Preparation

Workflows are provided for specifying candidates, examiners (for OSCE/OSPE), roleplayers and props (for OSCE) and the stations to be used. System automatically generates the rotations for OSCE/OSPE using the exam-blueprint, stations, candidate list, and examiner list. Changes to personnel and exam rotations can be made right up to the last minute.

Publishing Results

Feedback reports with mark breakdowns by domains-of competence and/or curriculum areas can be automatically generated using the blueprints. Graphs can be exported as PDFs and emailed on publication, or pushed into an e-portfolio.

User Management

Users can be created and edited, and assigned roles that restrict access to different parts of the workflow. The basic configuration includes Admin and Super-Admin roles.