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When you need something extra



Improve your underlying systems and processes to achieve the best possible outcomes.  Automating poorly designed processes may deliver some efficiencies but a only a fundamental review can enable radical improvement.

Our approach is based on the application of Lean principles and methods of process improvement, coupled with our understanding of the relevant technology. We analyse the underlying causes of process failure, inefficiency and poor customer experience by examining how the current process truly operates.  This enables us to identify potential solutions that couple practical improvements in the underlying design of business processes with cost effective investment in better ICT systems.


Integration and customisation

We are experts in integrating our products to other third-party systems such as your student/staff record system and data warehouse. We have worked with many of the most common industry systems. For enterprise customers we can also customise our products to your specific needs.


Custom development

We offer custom development for your particular specific needs. This might be in the form of creating plug-ins for our products or creating a bespoke system.

Nothing is lost

Managed hosting

Our products are offered in the cloud on Amazon Web Services but we can also offer our expertise and support for your on-premise hosting requirements. We can adapt to your particular hosting infrastrcture but manage the hosting for you.

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